You can also make the jersey go beyond the court!

Posted by Summer on Jan 18th 2020

You can also make the jersey go beyond the court!

Continued from the previous issue.


Do you notice a change in the Argentina shirt? The fixed blue and white stripes are difficult to have space to play, but they have played a rare novelty. The blue stripes have a faded feeling that blends light and shade.

I just found out that the faded effect comes from the pixel element, which is more interesting, and also echoes the design of the 2018 World Cup game ball "TV Star 2018".

Argentina's blue and white jersey is suitable for casual matching, especially the two home and away jerseys of the 98 World Cup. The color and design now seem to be more popular, and a little more retro.


The Japanese team jerseys is the biggest exception in the adidas camp. The home jersey did not follow the adidas retro design trend, so it became a highlight of the 2018 World Cup.

It is said that the design of Japanese jerseys has always been manipulated by Japanese local designers. They draw inspiration from traditional culture. The white texture on the front is inspired by the effect of traditional white embroidery passing white threads through the cloth, and it is also connected to the ancient Japanese samurai armor Nail knots.

The blue color of this jersey is deeper than before, which is the swirling blue dyeing of denim, which makes clothes a casual weapon. Traditionally, they also call this blue color "tengse", which means the soul who desires victory.

Put on it to play football, it really feels a little charged with armor.

The Japanese team also used the retro element of adidas on the away jersey. Light gray is also a rare road color in Japan. Plus the texture pattern of the left shoulder obliquely downward, this element is used in harmony.

Ozora tsubasa is indispensable in the World Cup! Captain Tsubasa Special Edition is worth collecting.

Over the years, each of Japan's jerseys is very unique, and can be perfectly integrated into a variety of Japanese wear.

Any more highlights?


After umbro was acquired and resold by Nike, it has returned again. Perhaps you can consider buying a umbro Peru team jersey. It can be seen that their design after returning is quite sincere.


New Balance is a new force in football in recent years. You can feel the serious design from the Panama team away jersey.


Although the jersey of the Iceland team is unpopular, it is my most interested. The design from the Italian brand errea, may be a bit out of fashion at first glance, but the football spirit of Iceland is also worthy of my collection! Moreover, in the eyes of fans, the favorability of a jersey is often accumulated by the victory of the team.

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