Which jersey wins your heart?

Posted by Summer on Jan 13th 2020

Which jersey wins your heart?

Let's continue with the previous issue.


Everyone should be familiar with this one. That year, the Nike sword went off-center, and made the most distinctive design on the Nigeria team, using the unrestrained pattern to explain the vitality of the African team.

The pattern is cheerful and energetic. The black and white pattern on the sleeve is inspired by the eagle wings, which is exactly the title of the Nigerian African Eagle.

The training suit has more room to play, and is also full of characteristics. The word NAJA is used to describe the optimistic spirit and vibrant culture of Nigerians. It uses street style fonts and shoulder letter belts to design, which is very sensational.

Now let ’s see how Adidas does retro.

Compared with the publicity of Nike, Adidas's overall style has always been more calm and sturdy. That year, they used retro geometric patterns to run through various national teams.

The masterpiece is the defending champion Germany. The jagged geometric design on the chest pays tribute to the 1990 World Cup Germany jersey. That year, Germany won the third World Cup championship in team history. Many teams in the Adidas camp also reproduced the retro jersey design.

                       Left: 2018 World Cup Germany jersey / Right: 1900 World Cup Germany jersey

                 Left: 2018 World Cup Colombia jersey / Right: 1900 World Cup Colombia jersey

                         Left: 2018 World Cup Belgium jersey / Right: 1990 World Cup Belgium jersey

                                    Left: 2018 World Cup Spain jersey / Right: 1990 World Cup Spain jersey

This retro design has good and bad, but it is undeniable that casual wear is not as good as Nike.

Adidas retro style design, I will choose these instead-Mexico home, Columbia away, Germany away, more fresh feeling~

                                                                      Mexico home jersey

                                              Left: Columbia away jersey / Right: Germany away jersey

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