Let's revisit the jerseys at the World Cup!

Posted by Summer on Jan 7th 2020

Let's revisit the jerseys at the World Cup!

   The grand event once every 4 years is also a fashion contest. The design is dedicated to make the jersey more than just the stadium.

France, England

  I think the jerseys of France and England are not only suitable for playing football but also suitable for daily wear. The main colors of the two teams are very good matching colors. The team logo of the jersey is indispensable-the Gallic rooster of the French team and the three lions of England. It looks good, and Nike 2018's jersey design elements make it easy to like it at a glance.

                                                              Above: France / Below: England

  The two jerseys are from the same template, so there are many similar details. The striking line design on the sleeves of the French team gives sharpness and speed, which is also a signature element of Nike 2018. England's jersey actually has the same dark lines However, it is not easy to find that the clothes are all white, and the away jersey is obviously a lot.  


  Although the first impression is not as good as the French team, the detailed design of England is better. The best thing to look at is the number printed font, which is a typical British style. The inside of the collar has a rose-shaped floral decoration. Rose pattern on the commemorative hat obtained when the team played. The white jersey with blue and red embellishment is low-key and interesting.

The details of the French team's design are not so colorful, and the characteristic button collar is not personally liked, do you think?



  Plaid is the eternal theme of the Croatian jersey. In the past, it was difficult to wear clothes full of plaid, but this time the design was slightly adjusted. The effect is like the team's performance in the World Cup, which made people shine. The grid becomes larger to reduce the sense of denseness, the sleeves have also been changed to solid colors, so that the element distribution of the whole dress is more balanced, and the black and dark blue color of the away jersey is different from the previous blue tone.


This time we are here to end this period, and we will continue next time!